MTB power increase and back pain fix!

Whether you suffer from mountain biker’s back (as I do) or just want more power and no future back problems I have some great news for you! It is easier than you think to increase your power and get your back feeling great again!

I have written quite a few articles on back problems and how to fix them and the advice in them is still solid and an important component to keeping you back and body healthy. After reading the wonderful book I will recommend in a second I realized that I thought I was treating the cause of my pain (stiff and or in spasm muscles) but, I was actually treating the symptoms.

Thankfully, all the previous work as doing is still vital to staying healthy but a simple, 20 minute workout can do wonders for your power and comfort on and off the bike! Since I didn’t invent the work out and there is a lot of philosophy to get you to understand why it works I will simply recommend the book. Three days out of the last four I did the first workout and already have zero back pain riding (and even while sitting at the computer!).

The book is titled, Foundation by Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park and it is a game changer. (Note: I have no relationship with the writers and/or publishers of this book, just wanted to share some very helpful information.)

Get this book asap and your body will thank you!

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