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It was 1997, my third season of racing downhill in the pro class and I spent hours and hours training harder but I wasn’t improving much at all! I was skipping social events and limiting time with loved ones just to make sure I got enough recovery. I changed my diet several times, changed my workout program and read all the info I could but was barely getting faster year after year.

It was this frustration that led me to start looking for people to teach me better riding skills in the late 1990′s. Unfortunately for me, there were no skills coaches at the time. Well, there were a few cross country pros teaching camps but I saw these racers walking sections that I could ride. They didn’t have good technique, they were just really fit.

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Choosing a Fun and Confidence Inspiring MTB.

Choosing a Fun and Confidence Inspiring MTB.

2019 is a great year to be a mountain biker! The industry is finally making bikes that are safer and more fun to ride than older bikes. Usually, year to year bikes don't change that much, but in 2019 the industry as a whole is catching on to some design ideas that...

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29ers just aren’t that much fun!

29ers just aren’t that much fun!

6 Years ago, I wrote an article with the title, “I was wrong! 29ers just aren’t as much fun!” (click here to read the article) and I caught A LOT of flack for it. Which is funny because at the time it was true. After 6-7 months of testing a bike I thought was going to...

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The Space Between.

The Space Between.

I believe Myles Davis said something to the effect of, "the beauty in music is the space between the notes". I have realized it is the same in Mountain Biking.I stopped enjoying Whistler Bike years ago but I keep coming back. Hoping, I guess, that the...

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BetterRide Mountain Bike Skills Coacking, Camps, and Clinics have been designed to teach you how to ride faster, more efficient, balanced, in control and of course how to have more fun! Are you ready to create a BetterRide? Come join us!

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Enjoy every ride more with the confidence you gain in my structured, drill based skills camps. Guaranteed to get you riding at your best since 1999, Sign up today!

The BetterRide Story

Learn about how BetterRide started.

Reviews From Our Riders

“Hi Gene,

Thank you for creating what has been one of the best learning experiences of our lives.  We traveled all the way from Australia to attend your camp in Golden, Colorado and it was worth every penny! Andy was a fantastic teacher with great personal skills. He has our highest commendation for creating a safe, exciting and fun environment for learning.

It is refreshing to find someone who understands their field well enough to be able to deconstruct difficult and often hard to pinpoint concepts. This is a rare talent. We appreciate all of the careful thought that you and Andy have put into creating the mountain bike skills curriculum. The content was well-organized into different sections, and logically progressed from foundational skills (like body position and braking) to more difficult skills (like cornering). It is obvious that you have spent a lot of time not only thinking about how to mountain bike, but also how to teach it to others.

Learning these mountain biking skills has truly made us “betterriders”.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend your camp and we look forward to attending a core skills camp #2 !”

Tracy and Matt
from Canberra, Australia,

“We have just gotten back from an awesome trip of downhill riding in Boulder City, Nevada. As a team, we had been talking about heading out there to do a skills camp with Gene Hamilton ( for quite some time: over the New Year we got the chance to do just that. We arranged to meet up with Gene in Boulder on the 29th for a one-on-one, three-day, Go-Ride team coaching session… boy were we in for a surprise. In the past, when we had talked about doing this camp, we had no idea what to expect. It was a “Gene is a very smart guy and a damn good rider, but most of us already beat him at every race… what does he know that we don’t?” type thing.  And to tell the truth, he knows a lot that we don’t. The guy is genius; in just that one camp he completely revised all of our racing skills. From pumping to cornering, vision to breathing, course inspection to eating right… he didn’t miss a beat. Never have we learned so many applicable techniques to mountain biking than riding with Gene for that one three-day span. We here at Go-Ride would like to give Gene a big thank you; you don’t know how much you have helped us.”

Go-Ride Team

I learned more today than in the last 10-11 years of just riding” (in a rushed 3.5 hour lesson, BetterRide camps are 19-22 hours over 3 days!)

Ross Schnell

January 23, 2010, Singlespeed World Champion, 2008 Downieville Classic Winner, Team Trek

Thanks Coach Gene for your time the last 2 days! Your coaching is spot on! I’m so lucky to have had the chance to spend this time learning from the most passionate mountain biker out there – one who cares about the sport and all the techniques that go into it! Total respect! That’s all I have to say! If anyone is questioning or “thinking” about signing up for his camp- DON’T , just do! Thank you Gene!!!!

Gretchen Wavro

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