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Why Gene wants to coach YOU!

Gene wants to teach you the skills to ride at your best!

You don’t need more nerve or more experience; you need to learn the correct techniques and practice them. MTB skills aren’t reserved for special people.

You can learn the skills and drills to master those skills by spending 3 days in his proven and structured skills course.

Gene will teach you the physical and mental skills on how to ride balanced, efficiently, fast and smooth. He also teaches drills for each skill so you can practice after the camp and master these skills and get you riding to your full potential.

He’s had the pleasure of coaching this Skills Course to thousands of riders just like you. From advanced beginners like 80-year-old Leadville 100-belt-buckle earner Fred Schmid, to quite a few National and World Champions. Now it’s your turn!

20 Years of coaching experience have given him an Effective, Proven, Guaranteed, Structured and Drill based curriculum.

This is an intense learning experience.

If you truly want to get better & put in the work, no-one cares more about your progress than Gene does!

Gene Hamilton,
Coach and Founder of BetterRide


3-Day Mountain Bike
Skills Course

In a BetterRide Mountain Bike Skills Course/Camp/Clinic you will be taught the core skills as well as drills that you can take home to help you master those skills and get you riding to your full potential.
When you take an MTB Skills Course from BetterRide it is not uncommon to find yourself with a diverse group ranging from Pros to enthusiastic riders looking to take their riding to the next level.

3-Day Downhill/Enduro
Skills Coaching

With BetterRide’s Downhill/Enduro Skills Coaching you will learn the skills to get faster. Guaranteed. Do you want to corner like Mitch Ropelato? Gene can help you!
Have you ever felt a bit sketched out on wet roots or in the rain? Ever slid out in a corner? Wish you could corner faster? I’ve had the pleasure of coaching this exact Downhill/Enduro course to Champions like Cody Kelly, Mitch Ropelato and Shawn Neer. Now it’s your turn!

3-Day Women’s MTB
Skills Course

BetterRide’s Women’s MTB Camp, Clinic and Skills Coaching covers the same core skills as the co-ed camps in a SUPPORTIVE, NON-JUDGEMENTAL atmosphere.
This can be very beneficial as it invites students to push their limits without feeling intimidated.

3-Day e-Bike MTB
Skills Course

I designed this e-Bike specific camp to help you ride with more confidence on the trails. The increased weight and added power of an e-bike make them a different beast than an analog MTB. Some skills on an e-Bike, such as cornering, are nearly the same as on a normal MTB. Other skills, especially climbing, require a few tweaks to do them in balance and in control on an e-bike.

3-Day Trail Subtleties & Trail Strategy MTB Course

Learn to apply your skills on trail, learn a few subtle skills that pay off massively, learn how to look at the trail and see the faster and more efficient pro lines, and how to work with the trail. Plus, how to pump, pump corners and bump jump!

3-Day Cross Country
Race Course

Ready to race FASTER, ride with more CONFIDENCE, ride more EFFICIENTLY, and SHAVE MINUTES off your race times? The best athletes in the world across all sports disciplines spend less than 20% of their training time actually doing the sport, the other 80% of their time is spent on structured drills to master the core, fundamental skills of the sport.

Private MTB
Skills Coaching

BetterRide’s Individual Lessons have been designed to teach you how to ride FASTER, more EFFICIENT, BALANCED, in CONTROL and of course how to have more FUN! The skills covered in each lesson will be based on your strengths and weaknesses and your goals.

You don’t need more nerve or more experience; you need to learn the correct techniques and practice them. MTB skills aren’t reserved for special people.


– Gene Hamilton

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Reviews from our Riders

“Hi Gene,

Thank you for creating what has been one of the best learning experiences of our lives.  We traveled all the way from Australia to attend your camp in Golden, Colorado and it was worth every penny! Andy was a fantastic teacher with great personal skills. He has our highest commendation for creating a safe, exciting and fun environment for learning.

It is refreshing to find someone who understands their field well enough to be able to deconstruct difficult and often hard to pinpoint concepts. This is a rare talent. We appreciate all of the careful thought that you  have put into creating the mountain bike skills curriculum.

The content was well-organized into different sections, and logically progressed from foundational skills (like body position and braking) to more difficult skills (like cornering). It is obvious that you have spent a lot of time not only thinking about how to mountain bike, but also how to teach it to others.

Learning these mountain biking skills has truly made us “betterriders”.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend your camp and we look forward to attending a core skills camp #2 !”

Tracy and Matt
from Canberra, Australia,

“We have just gotten back from an awesome trip of downhill riding in Boulder City, Nevada.

As a team, we had been talking about heading out there to do a skills camp with Gene Hamilton ( for quite some time: over the New Year we got the chance to do just that. We arranged to meet up with Gene in Boulder on the 29th for a one-on-one, three-day, Go-Ride team coaching session… boy were we in for a surprise.

In the past, when we had talked about doing this camp, we had no idea what to expect. It was a “Gene is a very smart guy and a damn good rider, but most of us already beat him at every race… what does he know that we don’t?” type thing.  And to tell the truth, he knows a lot that we don’t.

The guy is genius; in just that one camp he completely revised all of our racing skills. From pumping to cornering, vision to breathing, course inspection to eating right… he didn’t miss a beat. Never have we learned so many applicable techniques to mountain biking than riding with Gene for that one three-day span. We here at Go-Ride would like to give Gene a big thank you; you don’t know how much you have helped us.”

Go-Ride Team

“I learned more today than in the last 10-11 years of just riding” (in a rushed 3.5 hour lesson, BetterRide camps are 19-22 hours over 3 days!)

Ross Schnell

January 23, 2010, Singlespeed World Champion, 2008 Downieville Classic Winner, Team Trek

Thanks Coach Gene for your time the last 2 days! Your coaching is spot on! I’m so lucky to have had the chance to spend this time learning from the most passionate mountain biker out there – one who cares about the sport and all the techniques that go into it! Total respect! That’s all I have to say! If anyone is questioning or “thinking” about signing up for his camp- DON’T , just do! Thank you Gene!!!!

Gretchen Wavro

Gene, The first thing I did was buy some cones. My drive way is pretty steep so can do switch backs there. My pedal wheelies are coming along. Yesterday I had a bit of a breakthrough ride with my vision. On a ride with some small drop offs I realized by using the vision technique I was more balanced, more comfortable and jumped further without trying. 

That was the best clinic I have ever done. Thanks for the reading list. I’ve read a number of those books but I now have more to read.

Don Leet

Phenomenal coaching: obviously technical aspects of riding your bike but also holding each student accountable for their own success!
Gene is a tell it like it is kind of person with a very positive view on sports and life.
I did drills tonight after a crappy day at work and it helped center me and improve my track stand.

– Rachael Schiebler

A couple of years ago, I took a Mountain Bike Camp with Gene at my husband’s urging. I had some reservations about going because I was a very new rider and did not even know the correct terminology for things. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get the full benefit of the program, or would get pushed into things I was not ready for. I did not want to be the slow person holding everyone back either. I am happy to say that that was not my experience. Gene did a wonderful job teaching foundational riding skills in a way that was accessible to everyone.

I am so impressed with Gene’s coaching because I’ve had bad experiences before and this one was amazingly positive.

My riding has improved greatly because I am no longer trying to follow a series of mysterious cues with no understanding of the principles behind them. My confidence is higher, and I actually enjoy riding more!I would recommend Gene’s camps to anyone!

Jami Bailey

Gene is a Legend… if you have the chance to be one of his students I highly recommend it.. safe and FAST riding everyone!

Tim Tran

Best MTB skills camp ever!! Great instruction, drills and on trail practice. This camp lasts much longer than the three days you attend!!

Tim Gagnon

I could not have been more pleased.

The camps are skills-progression by design — which makes all the sense in the world. There is no sink-or-swim goin on here. No attainment by luck. No pushing to your point of failure.
It’s about learning/re-learning core skills that really really help. SOME of the skills were opposed to what I’d been taught or had habituated on my own. NONE of the skills were out reach. ALL the skills resulted in immediate improvement and greater enjoyment of my riding. ALL the skills will require continued practice.

For me, this was an excellent and absolutely worth-my-time mtb camp. Highly recommended.

– Gabrielle

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