This email made my day. 11 year olds rock!

How cool is that! The kid’s hero is Greg Minnaar! A much better role model than my hero when I was Dino’s age (Evel Knievel, no offense Evel I owe my life’s work to you! RIP) and not some rugby player or soccer player.

The number one thing holding you back isn’t real!

Are you letting fiction hold you back?! The number one factor holding you back from reaching your potential is your mind! Don’t let fiction, fantasy or conjecture hold you back. Attack these self limiting beliefs and achieve your best.

Busy, Busy, Busy

With camps selling out all over the place I haven’t had much time to ride, take a day off or try and coach you through working on my blog! Thanks for your patience! We are working on easing my work load (camps take a lot of administrative work too) so I can have a life […]

This email from a student made my day!

An email from one of my mountain bike skills camp students. I am a fortunate man!

Mountain Bikers Purposely Tear Up Desert and Injure Trees!

There are two spots on Rustlers Loop and one on Prime Cut where mountain bikers have gone out of there way to harm a 200 year old (on Prime Cut) and a couple of 100 year old trees (on Rustlers) just so they can ride a section with more ease! Dumbing down trails is bad enough but harm trees and the desert to do so?! Wow! Please follow the IMBA rules of the trail and walk over (not around) sections of trail you cannot ride.