Downhill and Enduro MTB Coaching

Want to ride like a pro?

Or simply ride with a lot more confidence and control?

Ever feel like you aren’t progressing?

Wish you were more confident on some sections of trail?

I feel your pain! It was that pain that made me spend most of my time researching mountain bike technique back in 1996. (I was a pro downhill racer but felt like wasn’t getting any better despite spending hours a day training!)

Have you experienced this frustration?

I couldn’t corner well and nobody seemed to be able to help me, instead, I got horrible advice, “just let go of the brakes”, “just ride more”, “stick your knee out like the street motorcycle racers do” and my favorite, “everyone has their own style”.

As a professional snowboard coach at the time, I knew there must be a “best technique” that was faster, more consistent and more in control than the other techniques, just like in skiing and snowboarding. I wanted to learn that technique!

So I spent the last 23 years learning from and working with the best riders (Greg Minnaar, Nathan Rennie, Marla Streb), the best motorcycle coaches, (Keith Code, Danny Walker, Gary Bailey), and my students. I want to teach you how to do those skills and the drills you will do to master those skills.

April 2010 Downhill Camp with Greg Minnaar as my guest coach. Can you spot the campers who now pro racers?

Want to corner like Greg Minnaar?

I’m here to help! As a matter of fact, I’ve been coaching riders just like you for 18 years. (and my curriculum has been evolving over 18 years!)

Heck, back in 2009 Dirt Magazine interviewed 2009 Pro 4x and Jr. Cat 1 Downhill US National Champion Mitch Ropelato in the Oct. 2009 issue:

Dirt Magazine: “You seem to be able to turn amazingly, what do you put that down to? Got any special tires on there?

Mitch Ropelato: “Ya, Gene Hamilton is to thank for that, I took his clinic last December in Bootleg Canyon and he was able to show me the correct technique I needed to pull them off.”

This is the same structured and effective skills camp taken by Mitch, World and National Champions* and thousands of riders just like you. The upgrade that keeps getting better and lasts a lifetime!

I want You to corner with confidence, float down those steep technical sections, and plain have more fun on your bike. My students love my structured, drill based camps and love riding better!

Invest in the ultimate upgrade, your skills. Sign up here:

Mar 9-11 Boulder City, NV DH/Enduro Mountain Bike Camp $799  4 spots available

Apr 6-8 Moab, UT Enduro Mountain Bike Camp $799  1 spot left

June 22-24 Angel Fire Downhill/Enduro Mountain Bike Camp $799 8 spots available

July 20-22 Durango, CO Downhill/Enduro Skills Mountain Bike Camp $799 8 spots available

For a list of all camps click here:

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With over 28 years of professional coaching experience including 19 years coaching downhill mountain biking, BetterRide Head coach Gene Hamilton knows how to get you riding at your best. He has coached many of the best US racers * Cody Kelly (EWS Racer, Alchemy Bikes), Jackie Harmony (2010 US And Pan American Downhill Champion), Luca Cometti (Multiple Time US Dual Slalom Champion), MacKay Vezina (EWS Racer, Giant Factory Team), Kiran MacKinnon (2nd place US Downhill Series 2017, Santa Cruz Bikes), Sue Haywood (World and National Champion), Shawn Neer (EWS Racer, Yeti Factory Team), Ross Schnell (Multiple time National Champion, Trek Factory Team) and about 100 more pros and over 2,500 riders just like you.  Gene was a pretty good racer too, in 16 seasons as a pro downhill racer he won a Silver (2002) and two Bronze Medals (2006, 1999) at the UCI World Masters Championships.