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A New MTB Industry Initiative: One Percent For The Trails

I owe so much to the sport of mountain biking! In 13 years as
a professional mountain bike skills coach I’ve gotten to ride
almost everywhere, met incredible people, and found a way to make a
living doing something I love.  I am so thankful and that’s why I’m
always looking for ways to give back to the sport. In addition to
volunteering my time and company resources for different bike
related groups, like Trips for Kids ( I have consistently
donated at least 1% of my business’s revenue to organizations that make trails,
maintain them, and work to keep them open to mountain bikes.  A
student of mine recently made the comment: “Imagine if the whole MTB
industry did that!” When I heard that, I was inspired to start

1% for the Trails is a MTB industry
Co-operative whose mission is to encourage and facilitate all
Mountain Biking Industry companies to give back a minimum of 1% of
their gross sales annually to building and maintaining sustainable
mountain bike trails and advocating riders’ access. 

1% For The Trails does not collect donations, but will  refer
MTB Industry companies to organizations raising funds for trail
projects around the world and list those Companies along with the
organizations they support.   Eligible “trail organizations” can
include everyone from IMBA, to private sector and government
entities with trail projects, local ride clubs, and the like.   Any
organized group with a stated and demonstrated purpose of enhancing
MTB trails and access. 1% Percent For The Trails is dedicated to getting
every MTB industry company to commit to the pledge.

The 1% For The Trails Pledge:
–Company Name– commits to donate a minimum of one percent of its
sales annually to organizations engaged in advocacy, maintenance,
and creation of sustainable Mountain Bike Trails.  (Cross-industry
supporters pledge to donate one percent of their MTB related revenues.)

Who should take the Pledge?
MTB industry companies including (but not limited to) manufacturers,
event promoters, retailers, distributors, Media, and everyone whose
business benefits from the existence of trails for mountain bikers
to enjoy.

Our sport needs us.  The growth of mountain biking is directly
linked to accessibility and quality of available trails.  Without
places to ride, the sport can’t grow (or even last). Trail
organizations also help to manage our local open spaces in a
sustainable manner.

What if you already donate to trail organizations?
Do you need to “take the pledge”? Industry needs to set the example for
the consumers, our customers listen. It is up to us to help the sport
grow in a sustainable way. We set an example for each other. There are
most likely companies out there who aren’t doing all they could
for the trails. If even a few of those are inspired by, it will make a huge difference to the
organizations they donate to and to the trails we ride and love.

If your organization is willing to step up and commit to the pledge,
or is looking for funds and would like to be listed on email us at