What the Best In the Industry Do To Improve Their MTB Riding

Just Found this “Thank You” email From MTB Strength Coach James Wilson dated 10/1/10


I just wanted to say thanks for all the help with my riding. this last riding season was one of the best ever for me and I can attribute it directly to the time I spent with in February. Learning how to clean up my cornering technique and how to manual totally changed my riding. I’m living proof that fitness is one thing, knowing how to apply that fitness on your bike is another. Every serious rider should take a skills clinic and I think that you’re the best at what you do, thanks again for sharing your knowledge with me. Let me know the next time your in town, I’ve got some cool new kettle bell exercises for you.

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

It feels great to know that the pro seek out our help when they want to start riding their best. Although 90% of our students are just enthusiasts and weekend warriors it is nice to have the best in the industry seeking us out too.

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  1. WAKi
    WAKi says:

    I must say here – no lube included 😉 – that all three of you guys Gene, James and Lee McCormack changed my riding remotely thanks to your posts. James with his program and bare foot pedalling. Gene i can’t express how this small tip with no hand wheelie and going over 36″boulder, changed my uphilling in tech terrain, and this doing “cornering slow”, changed my cornering (I found I was countersteering by pulling with outerhand, instead of pushing with inside one) and Lee with hammering neutral position in his posts. And my friend Jon for showing me this small yet incredibly good tip on how to pump stuff with hips instead of hands – I’m almost able to manual now. That is my best season ever! Small things, small tips can do huge difference to sort out lots of unorganized yet I think, rich material – Thanks!


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