This camp is for returning students and features skills reviews (straight to the drills, much less theory), advanced on trail application of those skills, some subtle “skills”/concepts that make riding more fun and efficient and trail riding strategy! Trail riding strategy will get you looking at the trail in a whole new light, I will show you the “pro” lines and how to spot them as well as simple yet effective ways to save energy and go faster. Plus, three new skills that are fun, efficient and fast, pumping, pumping corners and bump jumping!

This camp came about from the 6 day “immersion camp” I did this fall. While the students loved the camp it was honestly too much for me! I’m pretty wiped out after 3 days of coaching and thought 6 shorter days would be less tasking, I was wrong! The good news is the students and I were stoked on getting more on trail application of skills and learning “pro lines and pro thinking”.

Feb 20-21 Austin, TX  Skills Refresh, Skills Application, Subtleties, Trail Strategy Mountain Bike Camp