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10 free tips from Gene Hamilton, the most sought-after mountain bike skills coach in the US!

If you are looking to improve your riding skills and start riding with more confidence you have come to the right spot. My goal is to get you riding at your best.  Although I am most well known for coaching top pro riders like Singlespeed Word Champion and Downieville Classic Champion Ross Schnell and 4x and DH National Champion Mitch Ropelato 80% of Betterride students are simply passionate riders looking to improve. We teach the exact same core skills to riders of all experience levels.

Are you making the 10 most common mountain biking mistakes? Want to know the correct skills?

Myths like:

  • Get your weight back on a steep descent
  • Don’t use your front brake
  • Squeeze your seat with your thighs

Find out why these myths compromise your control, balance, and confidence and learn the correct techniques to get you riding at your best! By learning the correct techniques, you’ll ride smoother, faster and more efficiently.

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