Mountain Bike Mental Game, Are you tough? Part 1

In mountain biking and other sports the most “talented” or “gifted” athlete is rarely the most successful. At the higher levels of competition most competitors have a similar combination of skill, talent and fitness. To out-perform competitors, you must be tougher than them. James E. Loehr, Ed.D, world renowned sports psychologist states, “Toughness is the ability to perform toward the upper range of your talent and skill regardless of competitive circumstances”. If you are not racing to your potential it is time to get tough.

Are you tough? part 2

In last month’s Dirt Rag I explained that talent and skill alone won’t help you race at you best.  To excel as an athlete you must be tough and I defined toughness as being able to perform at or near your peak no matter what life throws at you.  To do this you must be […]

Interesting info on pedal stroke Efficiency

Just found an article that may help explain a little of the difference in using flat pedals vs. clipped (I say a little as this test didn’t test flat pedals and does not take into all the goals of pedaling a mountain bike which include confidence and control). The article is worth reading but here […]

Clipped In vs. Flat Pedals

The war between flat pedal and clipless pedals is heating up. Don’t believe the myths surrounding both of them.

Skills Tips and Old Interview with Ashwin Amanna

Interesting interview with me from a few years ago. Great insight in to why skills coaching is so valuable.