What good are skills if you can’t use them under pressure?

“But then when it gets to seeding and race runs this all goes out of the window and i just end up falling off, I’m not riding outside of my limits and i know that i can ride well enough to be threatening the top spot in my category but i just seem to not be able to manage the pressure and the mental side of things.”

You need to toughen up your mental game. First, remember there is
no difference between a race and a practice run, same track, same
racer, same bike, same goal.

Follow these steps and your mental game and riding will improve dramatically.

Mountain Bike Descending body position 101, video demonstration

The correct descending body position involves standing and staying centered with your weight on the pedals (not getting way back), legs relaxed and bent (not squeezing your seat) and arms bent in a half push-up position. Remember, I didn’t invent these skills I have been fortunate enough to learn from the best (World Champions Marla Streb, Greg Minnaar, etc.) and learn from the great riders that I coach (Ross Schnell, Mitch Ropelato, etc.). I am simply passing on what I have learned.

In these videos taken by a student in my Philly mountain bike camp this spring you can really see one huge reason (there are many) why centered is good and getting back is bad.

Railing Corners, maintaining body position while braking for corner.

I have been having a problem getting out of position before cornering, primarily caused by hard braking (especially if there are rough terrain before the corner or if I come in too hot).

Interesting question, I have been working on the same issue, especially last weekend at Snowmass. The problem stems from getting back while we brake, getting low is good but we need to stay more centered so when we release the brakes and the bike accelerates we are centered and ready to attack the corner. I was taught the old school, “get way back while you brake” which does help the rear brake a bit but actually hurts the effectiveness of the much more powerful front brake.

Email of the week. Another student makes my day!

Lynne’s thank you to Gene for his BetterRide MTB Skills coaching.

Great Review from one of Don’s students in Park City

Excited email from BetterRide certified coach Don Bogardus’s clinics.