Challenge, the most fun part of life?

Isn’t it funny how we often seek the easiest path even when we know the tougher path will be more fun and more rewarding? If we look back at our life the easy victories are not the moments we remember and cherish it is then moments when we were challenged that stand out. After failing […]

BetterRider’s Tear it Up at the National Championships

The Future of American Mountain Bike Racing is getting Brighter! BetterRide coached racers were all over the Cross Country, Downhill, Super D and Mountain Cross podiums at the National Championships in Sol Vista this weekend. Congratulations to all racers who showed up and gave it their best this weekend. Here are some highlights from BetterRiders […]

The Ideal Confidence Inspiring Mountain Bike!

I am now in the market for a new mountain bike. I would like to get one that would be ideal for improving my skills. I don’t care much about performance at this point.A lot of this really depends on the goal/s of the rider and Alon gave me his goal/s: “…ideal for improving my skills. I don’t care much about performance at this point.”. So we will go from there.
Well that sums up the two main things I am looking for in a 26″ mountain bike, a slack head angle (67-68.5 degrees) and a longer top tube (over 24 inches for a large).

Another option is definitely a 29er. I love 29ers and feel that they are a great bike for many riders.

BetterRiders on the Podium at the Canadian National Champs Too!

14 year old Canadian BetterRider podiums in 17 and under JR at the National Championships

Sorry about sending 3 Newsletters today. I was foiled by technology!

In my effort to edit my newsletter last night it was sent out right after editing instead of the time it was cued for today.  Realizing it was about to be sent out I rescheduled it (thinking it would cancel last nights sending, and thinking it had already canceled my scheduled time for today).  Anyway, […]