Sweet Downhill Video from student Russ Paver

All the way from across the pond, young Great Brit Russ Paver absolutely killing some really fun looking trails.

10 Tips for Mountain Biking in Sand.

10 Tips for Mountain Biking in Sand from renowned coach Gene Hamilton. Its fall and time to start heading south to ride which means desert riding season is upon us! Riding in deep sand can be frustrating experience. If you follow these tips it will be much more enjoyable.

More Praise for Andy and the BetterRide Core Skills Progression!

Thank you for creating what has been one of the best learning experiences of our lives. We traveled all the way from Australia to attend your camp in Golden, Colorado and it was worth every penny! It is refreshing to find someone who understands their field well enough to be able to deconstruct difficult and often hard to pinpoint concepts. This is a rare talent.
Learning these mountain biking skills has truly made us “betterriders”. Thank you for the opportunity to attend your camp and we look forward to attending a core skills camp #2 !

Learning/improving takes place best away from riding on trail!

The winter is the best time to improve your skills and take a mountain bike skills camp. Many skills, such as cornering involve a lot of different movements/components which means practicing “cornering” is not deliberate practice. Deliberate practice would be practicing vision through a corner three times, stopping and analyzing what you did right and wrong then refocusing and doing it three more times. This is why you see all the basketball, football, ski teams and pretty much every sport requiring skill teams doing drills more than 70% of their practice time!

A few weeks of this quality practice (mixed with resistance training and cardio work) will do more than years of just winging it on the trail (according to Ross Schnell who said, “I learned more today than in the last 10-11 years of just riding” (in a rushed 3.5 hour lesson, BetterRide camps are 19-22 hours over 3 days!).

Email from reader about stem length and bar width. (from New Zealand!)

I love getting happy emails from students but happy emails from halfway around the world from riders I have never meet? 60mm stem, bars 1.125″ below saddle, and 725mm width.
Amazing. No downsides, no oversteering, just way way better stability, agility smoothness and control.