A Big Thank You To All Mountain Bikers, Your Passion Fuels My Passion!

Thanks to all the mountain bikers who make my life fun, challenging and rewarding. Gene,
I raced in the Palo Duro Marathon (Pain on the Plain) last Saturday – 46 miles – and employed everything you taught me: vision, cornering, descending, ascending. It was the best I’ve ever raced. JJ
So thank you for what continues to be an amazing journey. I feel very fortunate to live the life I live and to meet and work with so many interesting and inspirational people. Thank you!

Big Mountains, Cool MTB Trails, Great Cabins and Meals, in Georgia?!

Just wrapped up my Ellijay, GA camp held at Mulberry Gap (.com) and still can’t get over the size and beauty of the mountains way down South! Mulberry Gap is a great place to stay, start or finish your ride in the heart of North Georgia mountain biking. Less than a mile from the Pinhoti Trail and very close to many other great mountain bike trails it is a true ride in/ride out destination. A fun place to stay, eat, ride and meet other passionate mountain bikers from all over.

Now is the Time to Start Working Towards Your Best Season Yet in 2011!

Now that the 2010 season is over (for most of us) and you have had a few weeks off from serious training, riding or competition it is time to prepare for next season. If you are serious about becoming the best rider or racer you can be now is the time to act. Do you keep a training and racing diary? A diary is a big help in the following exercise and though out the season for finding factors that lead to changes in performance.

Step One: Assess your racing season and your riding ability.

Were you confident and riding to your potential or did you find yourself racing below the level that you know you are capable of?
Step Three: Act on your training program! Ride! Workout! Visualize! Constantly update your goals and training program based on improvement or lack of improvement.

Remember, unwritten goals are just dreams, goals you write down you will commit to and strive to reach. Good luck next season and feel free to call or e-mail with questions, suggestions or to start a personal coaching program.

Sweet Downhill Video from student Russ Paver

All the way from across the pond, young Great Brit Russ Paver absolutely killing some really fun looking trails.

10 Tips for Mountain Biking in Sand.

10 Tips for Mountain Biking in Sand from renowned coach Gene Hamilton. Its fall and time to start heading south to ride which means desert riding season is upon us! Riding in deep sand can be frustrating experience. If you follow these tips it will be much more enjoyable.