I Purposely Crashed My Mountain Bike Today!

Seriously, I made myself crash! I didn’t want to crash but if you watched the lead up to my crash I did everything possible to set myself up for disaster.

Your body and your brain both need to be warmed up and in bike mode (not loving father mode, stressed out business woman mode, mad about bad drivers mode or still thinking about what your boss said mode!) before you end down a trail!

Did You Set an Intention For Your Ride?

As you know, (if you have taken a camp from us) we always tell our mtb students to ride with a purpose, “I am going to work on braking before the turns.” “I am going to focus on keeping my weight on the pedals.” Well I just realized that these purposes are sub-goals or process goals (Smaller goals we use to reach big goals.). I still recommend that you ride with a purpose but recently in a yoga class I learned a more powerful tool for improving your riding!

How does this apply to you as a mountain biker? We need to understand the difference between an intention and a purpose and sometimes have a purpose and other times focus on your intention. I didn’t see the difference between the two before. “Riding as smooth as I can” is a great example, I used to tell students that this is a great purpose yet in reality it is an intention. Riding as smooth as you can requires a lot of separate skills or purposes, relaxed grip on the bars, weight on the pedals, elbows up and out, chest down, chin up, relaxed ankles, looking ahead and working with the trail. When you set the intention of being as smooth as you can be you will do all the skills required to be smooth.

Accept Where You Are!

Acceptance; love yourself, you are perfect as you are right now. As an athlete I am always working to improve my body; become stronger, faster, more flexible! As a mountain bike coach and human being I have learned that too much focus on who/what we will be can hold us back. So often we are […]

The Foundation of Mountain Biking

Written by: Head Coach Andy Winohradsky Riding mountain bikes in technically demanding conditions is by no means easy. However, if we take the movements of the rider’s body on the bike, along with the mechanics of the bicycle itself, and strip everything down to the most basic elements, the task of riding can usually be […]

What Gives National Champ Jackie Harmony an Edge

I could not be more happy for 2012 U.S. National Downhill Champion and BetterRide athlete Jackie Harmony! Jackie has conquered downhill mountain biking on the National level and is not stopping there. Read on to hear what has given her such an edge this season. The Mental State By Jackie Harmony My downhill mountain bike […]