Has IMBA Lost its Soul?

Mountain Bikers, Has IMBA Lost it’s Soul?

As a 20 year supporter of IMBA (last year alone BetterRide gave IMBA and quite a few of it’s local chapters over $3,000) I decided not to support them in 2013 (still supported a few clubs though).

Honestly, it really wasn’t a tough decision. I joined IMBA to help them fight the good fight, keep trails open and gain access to more trails.   This seemed to be their focus for all of the 1990′s and early 2000′s as they are nonprofit advocacy group. Slowly over the last 10 years they have been acting more like a for profit business by straying from trail advocacy and using their considerable clout and competing with private businesses.

Cedric Gracia, World Cup Mountain Bike Racer, Rock Star?

Mountain Bike Much Better in 2 Minutes!

Mountain Bike Much Better in 2 Minutes! A quick, easy and fun exercise you can do pre- ride that will make you ride at the best of your ability level. The “Power Pose”?

n real simple terms if you physically act confident before an event (riding your mountain bike, going for a job interview, surfing, etc.) you will perform better! The body as a huge effect on the mind and this is a way to take advantage of it. Acting confident means standing, walking and looking like a confident person.

In other words, fake it to you make it! This works amazing well for mountain bikers, it won’t improve your actual skill but it will allow you to maximize what ever level of skill you have (which will often lead to performing better than you ever have as most of us perform well short of our maximum). You be more coordinated, confident and even stronger!
How you can do this to help you mountain bike better? What is the science behind this? As the videos below explain, you can do this anytime and two minutes is all you need! The first is a short 6 minute version and the second a TED talk that is just over 20 minutes. Start doing it today and let us know how it works for you!