Fear is Good

Fear When Mountain Biking is Good!

Probably never thought of it that way but often fear can save you from injury and it can create a great feeling of accomplishment when you overcome it (through practice and baby steps).

Mountain Bike Pedals, Flat or Clipped In?

This is an update to a 2010 article I wrote as I continue to get a version of the following question at least once a month and as I have continued to ride and learn my feelings on this subject have evolved.

“I do have a question, I’ve only been riding for 3 months, at what point do you think I should get clips? I’m not sure I am ready for them but I notice the people I ride with are all clipped in and they are so much faster than me. Is that a big factor in speed?

Stop being one with your bike!

Mountain Bike Your Best, Every Ride, Mental & Physical Warm Up Plan

Ever struggle at the beginning of ride? Which you could mountain bike your best, every ride? I received the following question from a student and it lead to a this article on warming up.

“I have a question about getting into the groove. It happens to me a lot that when I start out on a trail it takes a while for me to get into riding smoothly and comfortably. Even on trails I know very well…

This is quite common for many riders and I (and many of my students) have the same problem. I always like to …

mountain biking too much

Mountain Biking Too Much?

For most of my thirties and forties I was mountain biking too much! How can that be you ask? Well, let me explain.

From the time I did my first race until very recently I was completely obsessed with mountain biking, it was my life. I moved into my van and took my summers off from work to race and train full time.

Achieve Your Mountain Bike Dreams and/or Life Dreams! If I can do it, so can you!

Friends often ask me how I have managed to live my mountain bike dreams of making a living as a mountain bike coach. It isn’t that hard to follow your dreams, the hardest part is breaking the inertia of your current life! Often it seems like life is conspiring to not let you go.

I have always thought it was life’s/god’s/mother earth’s way of seeing how bad I wanted to make the change. Life was testing me, life started to become a struggle, but I didn’t let it get me down. If I can live my dreams, so can you! So do you what you want to do with the rest of your life!