Chris’ BetterRide journey first began as a student of Gene’s where it was clear that he had not just a passion for mountain biking and improving as a rider, but also a strong desire to help others and share what he has learned over 15 years riding mountain bikes.

From student to assistant for both Gene and head coach Andy, Chris easily transitioned into the role of a certified Betteride Coach and is our go-to- guy for our camps in the Southeast region. He is finding that he grows more fond of the culture, people and especially the riding every day. With a solid grasp of the Betterride curriculum, Chris’ coaching style puts a heavy focus on goal setting, visualization and understanding of proper muscle recruitment to help you excel on the trails and within your practice.

He also brings to Betterride over 10 years working in the cycling industry. His knowledge of both past and current equipment trends in mountain biking is extensive. He is an experienced bike-fitter, a published mountain bike product-reviewer and a certified Wilderness First Responder/CPR & AED provider. In addition to coaching for Betterride Chris is a full time technician/service manager for Suspension Experts, an Asheville based specialty shop whose sole focus is on the service, set-up and tuning of mountain bike forks and shocks.

Dabbling in all disciplines including knobby riding-dirt jumping, trials, street, trails and lift-access, Chris is currently racing Category 1 downhill with the goal of earning a Pro license by the end of the 2014 racing season and while he is still relatively fearless on a bicycle.

He thinks a well designed single pivot full-suspension is still a great ride, often wears lycra while riding flat pedals (sorry Gene!), has a 29er kicking around somewhere, he thinks and knows he needs to stretch his hamstrings daily, but always seems to forget. When he is not practicing the core skills, studying and researching coaching methods to continue to grow as a coach, or on a trail getting loose and fast, he is probably drinking coffee…And thinking of the core skills, working on his coaching methods and trying to decide exactly what trail he wants to go get loose and fast on later that day.