Andy Winohradsky

Andy Winohradsky – Head Coach
D.O.B: Feb 18, 1973
Hometown: Somewhere in Southeast Michigan
Resides: Denver, CO
iPod: The Eye Balls
Favorite Trail: The one he is riding

Andy has been working for BetterRide for the past four years.  In that time Gene has taught Andy the BetterRide way of coaching and Andy has taught Gene a lot about riding bikes!

In Andy’s words: I grew up in Michigan on a steady diet of bmx bikes and dirtbike motorcycles.  Although, there were a few years where I did compete quite a bit at the local sanctioned bmx and motocross races, with a decent amount of success a good chunk of my riding  (the best and most valuable part, I’ll say) was spent just being a kid and screwing around on two wheels with my buddies: backyard bmx tracks, suicide ditch jumps, hill-bombing, blasting powerlines and jeep roads, terrorizing abandoned local gravel-pits… those were, as they say,”the days!”

In high school it was all about stick-and-ball sports.  Then, during the summer before my freshman year of college, while getting in shape in an attempt to minimize the ass-whipping I was about to receive in my first year of college wrestling , I found myself on an early version of the MTB and back out on all the old trails and jeep roads, hill-bombs, and gravel-pits.  And that shit was fun.

Pretty soon wrestling was more about keeping me in shape for the summer race season and then, not long after that there was only racing. In 1997, as soon as I was finished with school, I turned pro and moved to Colorado to see how far I could take the racing thing and to have a good time doing it.  In the next five or so years, I consistently put up good results locally including a few race wins here and there and a dual slalom series championship.  At the National races I consistently got my ass handed to me and went broke doing it.  But I had my moments: in those days gated racing was done in the good ol’ dual slalom format,  and most of the time I could make the cut for the big show, Saturday-night-under-the-lights, with ESPN, smoke machines, crazy announcers, and a big-time party, early-MTB-days style.  Brian Lopes or Eric Carter or Mike King would usually put me out after the first round, but hey, I was there!

Around 2002, I slipped out of racing to go do other things that made equally as little sense as trying to make it racing downhill mountain bikes. Such as, being a pro photographer, random spontaneous traveling, and playing music. But, I never stopped riding.  Motocross, a ton of dirt jumping and of course, lots of XC were constants.  Around 2007 I got back on a DH bike and found out I hadn’t lost much speed.  The next year I worked full-time at Sol Vista, raced for their team, and proved to myself that, even as an old man, I could still hang in the pro class and still had the courage to get knocked unconscious on huge jumps.

My racing days may be fairly limited from here on out, but I continue to learn and progress as a rider. Surprisingly, more now then at any other time in my life.  And I still love riding as much, if not more, then when I was a kid screwing around in the sticks of Michigan.

Who knows, maybe there still is a podium or two in my future?  Look out Old Guy’s Class!