Andrew Shabbo

D.O.B: January 2, 1976
Home County: Westwood, MA
Resides: Crested Butte, CO
Music: Everything from Beastie Boys, to Slayer, to Jay-Z
Favorite Trail: The Whole Enchilada in Moab, UT

My love for everything bike related established at an early age in the suburbs of Boston, MA. I went from BMX track to BMX track, though by the time I had hit 6th grade most of the tracks were going under. After destroying a few wheels on an old road bike it was then my mom helped me buy my first mountain bike. I biked recreationally for several years and then made my move to Crested Butte, CO in 1996 where my passion for mountain biking and vintage bicycles amplified. My collection of bikes is almost hoarder-status as I believe you should never say no to giving a bike a good home.

I competed in downhill racing in the Mountain State Cup Series for 3 years with some decent results as the crew of Monkeys and I always had the most fun. In 2006 I partnered up to open a local bike shop. I moved on from the shop in the spring of 2011. I wanted to a find a different way to promote mountain biking and share my love for bikes. I started coaching at our local camp for kids that rip and soon discovered I had a knack for teaching. I realized coaching was the obvious choice to help spread the Church of Shred.