Core Skills in a 2 Day Camp

If you can’t take a day off work to make it to one of our signature three day camps, then our 2-Day Mini-Camps are the best way to improve your mountain bike skills. These camps are offered around the US and Coached by BetterRide Certified Coaches, hand selected and trained by Gene Hamilton to teach the BetterRide Curriculum effectively.

What You Will Learn

In our 2 day Mini Camp you will learn the correct, in balance and in control way to ride a bike. You will leave with a much greater understanding of how to mountain bike, efficiently, fast and smooth. You will also leave with a set of drills to help you master these skills. Please, do yourself a favor and end the frustration of not riding up to your potential. For less than upgrading a wheelset you can upgrade your skills and start riding with more confidence.

Core Mountain Biking Skills Learned In Camp

  • Correct Body Position
  • Balanced Weight Placement
  • Vision – How to Look Ahead Correctly
  • Bike Set Up for Optimal Riding and Control
  • Cornering Technique with Take Home Drills
  • Advanced Cornering Technique
  • How to Brake Effectively
  • How to Use Your Brakes for Speed
  • Correct Technique for Uphill and Downhill Switchbacks
  • How to Clear Large Obstacles
Camp Overview

This is the most fun and informative mountain bike school you will ever attendStarting in a safe learning environment we explain the skill, demonstrate the skill and have you practice the skill utilizing drills that you will continue to use long after the camp. Once you understand the skills we then apply them on the trail. Here at BetterRide we really enjoy helping others and would love to share these techniques and the drills for practicing, getting good at and eventually mastering these techniques with you.

Each day will start with 3-4 hours of skills instruction and drills in a local park followed by 2-3 hours of on trail practice and riding on trail.

Day 1

  • Quick overview of camp
  • How to ride in balance, in control and efficiently. Learn correct body position with balance and weight placement for climbing and descending
  • How to set-up your bike for optimal riding: tire pressure, tire type, stem length, bar height, seat height, brake level reach/adjustment, suspension set up to riders weight and riding style
  • How to look ahead correctly- Everyone one knows to look ahead but few actually do it! I will teach you where and how to look ahead, how this effects your riding and how to improve your vision skills.
  • How to wheelie over small obstacles, up and down. Efficient wheelies relying on technique, not upper body strength and how to use them over different obstacles
  • How to fall safer
  • Break for lunch and hit then trails to work on morning skills
  • Wrap up and reveiw of the days skills

Day 2

  • Review of day 1, go over any questions?
  • How bikes corner, how to corner in balance, using vision to corner faster, easier and with more control
  • Advanced cornering with drills
  • How to brake effectively (no skidding!), how to use your brakes to go faster
  • How to start/restart on an uphill
  • Break for lunch and hit the trails to work on morning skills
  • Wrap up and review
How to Register

Email us at: to find out if we’ll be scheduling a Mini-Camp or Clinic Series in your area.