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The Core fundamental skills of mountain bike riding and racing are not intuitive. In all of the BetterRide Camps you will be taught the core skills as well as drills that you can take home to help you master the skills and end the frustration of not riding to your full potential.

  • Correct Body Position (so you ride everything on the trail consistently, jumps, drops, off-camber, roots, etc.)
  • Balanced Weight Placement
  • Vision, how to look ahead correctly. Everyone knows to do it, few actually do
  • Bike Set up for Optimal Riding and Control
  • Cornering Technique with Take Home Drills
  • Advanced Cornering Technique
  • How to Brake¬†effectively
  • How to Use Your Brakes for Speed
  • Correct Technique for uphill and downhill switchbacks
  • How To Clear Large Obstacles
  • How to Interpret the Trail to Ride Fast and Smooth