This MTB Cop Needs Some Skills, Video

This guy could use some skills! and a helmet!


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MTB How To Video: Coaching Marzocchi’s Bryson Martin.

Video clip shot by Gene Hamilton coaching Bryson Martin at Bootleg Canyon. Gene is excited to coach such a faster racer with a poor skills foundation! He took third two weeks ago behind winner, BetterRide coached Mitch Ropelato and 2nd place finisher Mikey Sylvestry yet he can’t corner well (and found out today is vision skills needed some work as well as body position and vision!). We will work on all the core skills in the downhill camp this weekend. With his dedication to learning, doing drills to master those skills and training hard he will be a threat this year.

Notice he carries enough speed to clear the step up after the rollers! The only racers I have coached that have cleared that are Mitch Ropelato and Andrew Pierce (and my asst. coach Greg Minnaar. Once Bryson added his legs into to the pump and got is vision dialed he was flying!

2010 Crankworks Pumptrack Comp Video

BetterRide coached athlete Mitch Ropelato throwing down at the 2010 Crankworx pump track competition. (Mitch is wearing white t-shirt and has black wrist brace on) Three weeks after breaking his collarbone Mitch wins this competition!

2010 Crankworx Ultimate Pump Track Challenge from ih8 bikes on Vimeo.

Sweet Downhill Video from student Russ Paver

Well, that title pretty much sums it up! All the way from across the pond, young Great Brit Russ Paver absolutely killing some really fun looking trails.    Russ Paver Slaying It!