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Choose to Be Unreasonably Happy When You Ride

Often when mountain biking we set ourselves up for failure and/or unhappiness from the beginning of the ride. We are so focused on one or two goals for that ride that it takes away our enjoyment.
Have you ever thought, I’ll be happy if…? If I clean that climb, if I hit that jump, if I make it through that rock garden, etc. Ever been so focused on making a section of trail that is miles ahead that you messed up on an easier section of trail?
Sometimes it is the last move on the trail that you want to nail (as it was for me yesterday on Porcupine Rim). This keeps you focused on the future, not in the moment. You are thinking about the move coming up instead of enjoying the ride right now! This makes it impossible to be in the moment making it hard to ride at your best. It also minimizes the rest of the ride and experience.
On your next ride choose to be unreasonably happy! Simply choose to happy, today I’m going to happy. It is a choice, you don’t need a reason!

Dante Harmony chooses to be happy!

We become so focused on our goals that we stop enjoying the “work” to reach our goals. I am teaching myself to be happy and enjoy every moment (though I mess it up sometimes and choose to be upset but, I’m getting better with practice). If I don’t make a section, I attempt it again, if I fail three times I move on, I’ll make it on a future ride!
I practice this by starting the day with gratitude practice, I write down what I am grateful for every day before breakfast. Today I wrote that I am stoked and amazed that my body is holding up, I’m regaining lost fitness and regaining lost mobility after decades of losing battles with gravity (at 53 I feel like I am 40 again!). That was the only bike related one today, the rest were family and personal growth related. Once you realize all that you have to be grateful for it is pretty easy to be happy!
If this idea is tough for you, start small. At first, you can use reasons, not goal oriented reasons, use simple “being reasons”, be happy that you are riding a bike! Be happy that you are outside recreating! Be happy that you are fortunate enough to own a bike!
Get out and ride! Be unreasonably happy!