What are Your Mountain Biking Dreams, Goals, Aspirations?

We really want to help you reach goals, live your riding dreams and ride with much more confidence and control. So, what are your mountain biking dreams, goals and aspirations? We have been fortunate enough to help over 3,000 riders achieve their goals and in 2014 we are interested in helping you.

What are you weak points that you want to improve? Is there a specific trail or section of trail you want to ride?

Coach Andy demonstrating how to climb super steep hills.

Coach Andy demonstrating how to climb super steep hills.

Do you want to have more confidence on your bike? Less fear?

Student Jen Hanks working on tight switchbacks

Student Jen Hanks working on tight switchbacks


Ride faster? Ride more challenging trails? Crash less?

Enter you first race? Win a World Championship?

Students Ross Schnell and Joey Schusler on top!

Students Ross Schnell in first place Joey Schusler in second!

Go to Moab and conquer “The Notch” and the Portal Trail? Ride the entrance to Horse Thief Bench?

Corner fast and in control like Greg Minnaar?

When Greg Minnaar demonstrates cornering in our camps he attacks them!

When Greg Minnaar demonstrates cornering in our camps he attacks them!

Please let us know (by posting comments) as we are here to help you!

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  1. Slim Lundeen says:

    1. Learn how not to go O.T.B.
    2. Get to the top of Tiger Mountain in a single grind.
    3. To continue to improve my health and reduce my weight.
    and I really don’t want to sound like a suck up but
    4. Attend a Better Ride class by the end of the summer. After I get my new bike and ride it for a while. Probably in Oregon or Idaho.

    • Gene says:

      Thanks for letting us know your goals Slim. The biggest reason people go O.T.B. is getting their weight back and straightening their arms on descents. I am assuming you have signed up for our mini-course so really review the article on keeping your weight on the pedals with arms and legs bent!

      We are looking forward to coaching you this summer,


  2. Slim Lundeen says:

    I have been getting the news letter for a while and have tried to improve through tips and videos. Another reason I go OTB is my bike is an old Specialized Hardrock. Yeah, like 15 years at least. When I started last July 4th I didn’t know if it would be a summer fling or not so went cheap on Craig’s list. Been saving real hard and looking to spend some coin, with Giant Trance and Trek Remedy on the short list (very local LBS). I re-signed up for the news letter to get the course and I will look through it. Love Drills! Can’t Wait! Slim


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