Thanks Andy! Your MTB Coaching gets Some Amazing Feedback!

Maybe I should just let our certified coaches do all the coaching! I did my best to only invite riders who I felt were friendly, patient and good communicators to go through our certification process but they all continue to impress me with comments from their students. Checkout these two comments from the BetterRide facebook page ( ) from Andy’s camp last weekend:

Andy thank you so much! The camp far exceeded my expectations. Learned so much. Time to practice. Great group of people. = ]
Cole Johnson
Andy, thanks so much! Me, my dad, Cole, and Chase had so much fun! I’m so much more ready to tackle the race season and put all my new techniques to use on the courses up here! Defiantly the best coach I’ve ever had in any sport and the most I’ve ever learned in 3 days.
Keenan Charlton

That is the second time students have said that Andy provided the best coaching they have ever had in any sport! I am so fortunate to have such great coaches working for me! Thanks Andy!

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  1. Greg Heil
    Greg Heil says:

    I had a great time with Chris this weekend. He was a superb coach as well! I don’t know if I can say he’s the best coach I’ve ever had, as I’ve had an absolutely amazing downhill ski coach before that tutored me over the course of many years and transformed me from a beginner at the age of 9 to an expert level skier 😉

    But Chris seriously knew his stuff, knew how to teach it, and it really showed! I was super impressed with his professionalism and the friendly, caring teacher’s spirit that he exhibited towards all of those in attendance. If anyone gets a chance to learn from Chris, I highly recommend him!

    • Gene
      Gene says:

      Thanks Greg! I will let Chris know! I personally pick and train all of our certified coaches and they all teach the same BetterRide curriculum that we have spent 13 years improving upon. Honestly, all our coaches get rave reviews, we would not be in business if they didn’t, we are only as good as our last camp!


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