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Acceptance; love yourself, you are perfect as you are right now. As an athlete I am always working to improve my body; become stronger, faster, more flexible! As a mountain bike coach and human being I have learned that too much focus on who/what we will be can hold us back.

So often we are too focused on our future self, we lose the present moment and can get angry, frustrated or depressed. You are amazing right now! Think about how you can move your body, ride a bike and function in general! Be grateful for this, not everyone has it as easy as you do! You may wish you were more flexible, stronger and more skilled and I hope you are working on all of those. Don’t spend too much time wishing; spend more time in the present. While working on your goals relax, let that stretch happen, let that weight rise, breath through that down dog and stop trying so hard. Accept where your body is, being proud that it works as well as it does and politely ask it to move, stretch and grow.

For instance when stretching focus on stretching the desired area to the point of discomfort, not on a currently unrealistic goal such as touching your toes. Focusing on goals causes stress and can actually make you less flexible and less coordinated. The best advice on this topic I have ever heard was from Dan Millman in his book Mind Body Mastery. He instructed me to set my goals, write them down and then set them aside and simply focus on being the best I could be each day. If the best forward fold you can do today leaves your hands a foot above the ground don’t get frustrated and don’t give up. Focus on practicing the best you can (using perfect technique) instead of focusing on the outcome. As Mr. Millman stated, if you focus on being the best you can be you will likely exceed your goals and if your goals change along the way you will have enjoyed the journey.

You are perfect, and are right where you should be, right now!