Thank you! To the mountain bikers who understand my passion!

A heart felt thank you! BetterRide has helped more riders reach their riding goals than I ever dreamed it would! It has been an amazing 13 years for me. I now help 14 other people earn a living as well as helping over 500 riders a year greatly improve their riding with our skills curriculum and I couldn’t have made it without your support!

When I started BetterRide in 1999 my goal was to provide a core skills based training program like they use in all sports except mountain biking at the time. I never realized the resistance I would get from riders (many of whom have been coached, trained or taught in so many other aspects of their life).  It was a struggle at first to get riders to understand the value of quality coaching (and many riders still seem personally attacked by the idea of coaching), but fortunately enough of you have trusted us that we have been able to grow, learn and improve!  The emails I get from our students on their camp experience and/or their riding improvement since their camp makes my day! My passion for riding is nothing compared to my passion for coaching, I can’t imagine anything more rewarding.


The annual bootleg Canyon Jr. Cat 1 and Pro Camp, 11/27/11

I feel very fortunate to make a living doing what I love and I really appreciate your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Create a great holiday season,


PS If you have had a great coach/teacher in your life let them know! I bet there is a high school teacher or college professor who would love to know that they had a positive impact on your life.

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  1. Bruce (AZ Bender) Kinard
    Bruce (AZ Bender) Kinard says:

    Gene, you are still truly one of the greatest ambassadors of our sport. It’s always great running into you whether at an event, on the trail, or just out and about. It’s equally fun riding with you or watching you compete. The pre-race pointers I’ve gotten from you via email helped greatly on my first mountain bike race, as has advice I’ve gotten in person. I always learn things from your website as well. Hope to run into you again out in the Phoenix area. Based on that and the little pointers I’ve picked up from you in person, I really can’t even imagine how much I’ll learn by a course from you or one your coaches, but I’ve started saving and hope to make that happen in the next year. Best wishes in all your upcoming endeavors. Bruce.


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