My MTB Coaches Rock!

It feels so good to be able to help even more riders achieve their riding goals and enjoy their riding more. Thanks to the hard working crew of BetterRide coaches like Head Coach Andy Winohradsky and certified coaches Chip MacClaren and Joe Dondero we are stoking out more riders than ever!

Here is a recent email from a a student:


I too just returned from Moab.  Nothing like being the only human in Bartlett wash on a bluebird day…like a roller coaster where you make up the track as you go along.  I went there after the Fruita clinic taught by Andy and Chip.  By far the very best sport’s teaching/coaching I have ever received. As an student of Suzuki, your beginner mind advice was well taken.  I spent two days practicing my new skills at the intrepid trail loop up on Deadhorse point ( a place that rivals the Monarch Crest for eye popping views).  At 57 I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep doing this,  but these new skills have added at least a couple more years to the ride.  Andy is a great teacher, your system is awesome… I hope you have all the success you deserve with this endeavor.  Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

Steve Tait

It also feels great to help these coaches live the dream by paying them to coach other riders.

Another email from an Atlanta Camper:


Just wanted to express to you and your staff my gratitude and give props. I was one of the last ones to sign up because I was skeptical of what I could learn in the time frame for the price. Luckily I did foot the bill and was able to attend the camp in Conyers, GA (April 8 – 10). Wow! I can’t say enough good things about the coaches Andy & Joe, and the overall experience. They were great teachers, patient, and more than willing to help any of us out in honing our skills or answering any questions that came up. I came away from the camp with a lot of knowledge and understanding of why the basic simple techniques are so important. Most of all I learned you have to go slow to go fast, vision is the key. I now have a greater appreciation when out riding and see many old trails as a new trail to explore and practice my skills.  I could spend all day on an easy trail and have more fun than riding several trails…riding is no longer a measure of how fast I can get from point A to B.  I’m gonna keep practicing what I learned and am looking forward to attending the second camp! Thanks again for all you and your staff do!


Thank you Steve, Stan, Andy, Joe, Chip and all the students and coaches who help me help others everyday!

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