MTB Cornering Video from private lesson with Gene Hamilton

All the way from France, Will Burgat working on cornering with Gene the day after his camp in Bootleg Canyon. Check out Will’s eyes in the first corner, he is looking through to the next corner, the toughest and most important skill in cornering. His body position, especially the elbows up and out and hip twist are also very good. He is a little upright but those are some strong corners!

More great cornering from Will. He is still riding a little upright but again, great vision and body position.

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  1. Adam Croft says:

    Another thing I noticed from this video, he is bouncing in between turns. Great way to stay loose right?

  2. Gene says:

    He is actually pumping the terrain (which you can’t see because the video doesn’t show the ground). Bouncing is a great way to find your center but excessive bouncing is a waste of energy.

  3. HAMEDEH says:

    Q: is he braking? if yes, when? I have this problem. in harder corners, some riders break the corner by suddenly braking with the back tire. is it a good way?

    • Gene says:

      He braking before the turn. Breaking in a turn will kill your exit speed as well as make you much more likely to crash. The technique you refer (squaring off the turn by skidding) does work but is usually the result of coming into the corner too fast and kills most/all of your exit speed.

  4. Jim says:

    Those turns in the trail are for kids. The trails we ride have switchbacks that turn almost 180 degrees in 3 feet. We get around them but not as graceful as we would like. We need lessons for such switchbacks.


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