Great Write Up on BetterRide MTB Camp!

Check out this short write up with photos from our San Diego mtb mini-camp with certified coach Dylan Renn!

Dylan has been getting great reviews and a lot of experience coaching this summer! In his third season with BetterRide he has aced all of our coaching courses, assisted me (Gene) at 5 camps, taught more than 10 mini-camps and now is only the 4th coach certified to coach our signature 3 day camps. Congratulations Dylan! I know it took a lot of work, practice and dedication on your part!

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  1. Michael Takahashi
    Michael Takahashi says:

    Congrats Dylan!

    I must say that Gene & Dylan’s instruction has helped me tremendously! Not to mention, they are two really good guys! Props to BetterRide!


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