Great World Cup Video Showing 2 Very Important MTB Skills!

In our mountain bike skills camps we explain that we didn’t invent the skills that we teach we learned the techniques from the best (and then broke them down into easy to put together pieces that we can explain demonstrate and then get the student to do). We often suggest watching downhill race videos for great examples of the proper techniques that we coach (for all riders: recreational, cross country, endurance, free-ride, all-mountain, single speed and downhill).

Well Mid-West BetterRide coach Chris Cornelison found this great video. It shows Nathan Rennie doing two things that we coach rides to do. Both can be seen in the footage stating at :53 in. 1. Notice how no matter how crazy the trail Nathan is always looking ahead, he never even glances down at the trail. 2. Notice how quiet is chest and head are! He could put a glass of water on his head and not spill it!

Of course mastering these skills isn’t easy, you must first understand how to look ahead and how to stay smooth and in balance and then practice them using drills (just throwing yourself down a gnarly trail will just teach you how to tense up and ride defensively) which is why we are here!

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  1. JT
    JT says:

    Wow, amazing footage especially from the helmet cams. Great perspective on how the pros do it. I’m ready to go ride right now!

  2. Danny Getson
    Danny Getson says:

    WOW!!! And some of them even eat crap now and then!!! That’s reassuring.
    Q: Are they CLIPPED IN to their pedals??

    • Gene
      Gene says:

      Hey Danny,

      The pro field is approximately 60% clipped in, 40% flat pedals. Minnaar, Gwin, Peat, and Atherton are all clipped in while Hill, Fairclough, and many of the younger racers are not.

  3. John
    John says:

    Rennie’s vision is impressive, but even more impressive is how Sam Hill could balance a cup of water on his head even as he’s crashing his brains out! 😉

  4. paul davin
    paul davin says:

    Holy sh… I ride off road motorcycles but i have never seen such!!!!!!!!! ability!!!!!!!!! anywhere !!!! ever!!!!!!!! i just started riding so i have a long way to go!!! these Santa Cruz bikes look like they are …..well….the real deal. thanks


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