Great downhill mtb video, containing some great advice!

Great World Cup and US Open highlights. Check out Mitch’s crash in the Giant Slalom and the interview with US Open Downhill Winner Andrew Neethling. Listen to what Andrew says about slowing down to win the race! Something I stress with so many of my students, fast in doesn’t always mean fast out, sometimes you gotta go slow to go fast.

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  1. BigBooga
    BigBooga says:

    USA needs to step it up.. getting tired of these punch-me faces & their mumbling overseas accents cleaning up @ our events

    Cmon you Santa Cruz kool kids, learn 2 ride

    • Gene
      Gene says:

      The US is stepping it up! Arron Gwin won the 1st world cup this year and we have a lot of actual up and coming young talent!


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