Amazing Downhill Run (mountain bike) Video 2011 UCI World Championships

This is the most amazing run I have ever seen! Danny Hart wins by 11.6 seconds (World Championships are usually won by less than half a second, last year 11.6 back from winning would of been 14th place! not second!) and even throws in a sick whip near the finish! Awe inspiring!

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  1. Geoffrey
    Geoffrey says:

    Okay, that was absolutely amazing…BUT, it seemed his vision was often right in front of his wheel. I’m wondering if (a) conditions dictated riding like that or (b) the conditions meant that great vision wasn’t as helpful as balance and bike handling.

  2. Michael Takahashi
    Michael Takahashi says:

    I’ve watched this video about 10 times in the last few days… everytime I watch it, my jaw drops… amazing how fast Danny was going in those muddy / slippery corners!! Simply Remarkable!!!!

  3. Andy
    Andy says:


    I think a reason why it may have looked like Danny was looking down is simply because of the steepness of the Champery course. Steepness doesn’t translate well on camera, but this is one of, if not the steepest downhill tracks of all time (you can notice it in the trees on the side of the course). So yes, maybe he was looking down, but that’s because, often, that’s where the track is – way down the hill, PAST his front wheel! If you look at his smooth lines and the momentum path of his mass (not always his bike – which is fine), the focus point of his vision is clearly WAY ahead on the course, and his momentum path goes directly toward these focus points.

    Something else that I find very interesting is that Danny said that he had a few small bobbles, but it was a nearly perfect run. However, there are plenty of times where his bike is sideways and drifting and where his limbs have reached the end of their range of motion in making corrections and adjustments. Because he is so confident in his vision (seeing where he WANTS to go) and in his body position and ability to be proactive, reactive, and above all, keep his momentum going in the direction he wants it to go – even in the slop – he considers it nearly perfect. His fundamental skills are so solid that a long as everything is moving in the right direction, he’s fine, even in the heinous conditions, the steepness, the speed … This run is a testament to having sound fundamental skills on the bike and how important the basics are, even (especially) at the highest level.


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