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Wow, what a great three days!  I get back from nine days of coaching in a wet and rainy Atlanta and my phone and email box was over following with happy riders sharing their stories.  From excited Atlanta campers including a 51 year old women who started mountain biking at 41 to possibly the fastest teenager in the world and riders and racers of all levels in between from New Zealand to Nepal.

First Mitch Ropelato calls to tell me he scored is second pro victory at the downhill race in Bootleg.  This kid trains hard and trains smart and is full of desire that I don’t think can be coached. Take note of his name as you will be seeing a lot from him.

Then Jamie Danesh emails to say he took 2nd place in first race ever at the Keysville classic! He later tells me that another camper (Jason Benge I believe) from the same camp won the sport class with a time that would of been 1st in expert!

Later I get this email:  …..

Before your camp, I had reached my potential based on my skill and knowledge level.    We ride quite a bit, but I was riding all our trails the exact same way each time, with no improvement.  I would stop and walk over the same obstacles, take the same line on all the corners, brake the same way each time, corner the same way, etc.  A friend who took your class several years ago would tell me to “look to victory.”  I really didn’t know what that meant.    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me the correct way to do the basic skills, and giving me the tools to start learning those skills.  I have many years ahead of me to ride my bike, and I absolutely love mountain biking!!!  Now the doors are wide open for me to become that much better a rider!   Thank you!!!!
I can’t wait to get the homework assignments!  Send them on–I’m ready!!!  The next time you hear from me, I will be a better rider!
Thanks, Gene–you are awesome!

What a great week!  Create your best ride yet,