Busy, Busy, Busy

With camps selling out all over the place I haven’t had much time to ride, take a day off or try and coach you through working on my blog! Thanks for your patience! We are working on easing my work load (camps take a lot of administrative work too) so I can have a life again and share more information with you. This year is flying by and with 40 new subscribers a day to my mini-course I am 2 months behind on email correspondence.  Sorry if you waiting for a reply, I am working on it!

I have some great updates planned and they should be up over the next two weeks.

I do want to share this email with you because emails like this make the 80 hour weeks worth it:

“Thanks for this Gene!

You really are an incredible coach and patient teacher/guide.  I am so blown away by the work you have put in to breaking down all of the necessary skills into digestible components that CAN be learned by anyone…. even me!  A thick-headed, over-thinking determined woman! 🙂  I am re-energized and excited about what I CAN do, not at all thinking about “CAN’T”… I don’t know that word anymore… I have replaced it with “Not yet”…*LOL*

Thanks again for all you have committed to doing in your camps…. I will attend again for sure… and WILL be a better rider!!



Practice with a purpose, have fun and hopefully I will see you on the trails!

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